"Man, who becomes Super-Man by realizing his Supreme Self through Divine Grace, is the best replica of God, the Almighty, in His blessed creation. He is the highest in the order of evolution of living beings because of his emotional, intellectual, intuitional and verbal powers of feeling, thinking, cognizing and expressing genius of extraordinary type.

By developing these exceptional powers scientifically, man contemplates to control the whole universe and become the greatest power in the whole world. Though he has succeeded to a great extent in this mad adventure, he has utterly failed in his main purpose of becoming more happy and secure. So, he cannot claim real greatness in the world as he has neither achieved real and enduring happiness, nor overcome grief or misery.

Having known the ephemeral nature of the world through acute discrimination, he who leads a pure life of dispassion and spiritual discipline of serving a real Guru, and gets absorbed in his own Real Nature, is truly the blessed and liberated person, who is also the happiest and the greatest in the world"

- Bhagwan Nityananda

Welcome to Siddhaloka. Siddhaloka literally means "Abode of the Siddhas". Siddhaloka Ashram (hermitage) is situated in an idyllic location outside the city of Bangalore in Southern India. This is the seat of the Siddha Yoga Dham, a registered charitable institution whose spiritual head is Param Poojya (His Holiness) Swami Chetanananda Saraswati, who belongs to the ancient lineage of Siddha Gurus. Siddha Yoga is a practical and natural means of self-realization, wherein the disciple spontaneously reaches the Ultimate state through the grace of the Siddha Guru ('Perfect Master'). Welcome to this sanctuary of peace and well being for all humanity.


Dates of next Siddha Meditation Intensive (Shaktipat Initiation):


     24th February 2017, Friday

News update :

Last updated on 22nd January 2017   'THE 25TH FOUNDATION DAY - MAKAR SANKRANTI :-'

Sacred Forest Project :

Siddhaloka has undertaken Sacred forest project under the able guidance of His Holiness Swami Chetanananda Saraswati. The goal is to restore around 500 acres of wastelands in Magadi Taluk over a period of 5 years, in a phased manner, which would meet the various needs of the people. This ecological restoration will be taken up along the principles of watershed development. Soil and water conservation as well as the livelihoods of communities in the area are the main focus of the programme.

Check Sacred Forest Project link for complete details


Forthcoming Programs :

    13th DECEMBER, 2016 - Tuesday at 4 pm --   SRI DUTTA JAYANTI


Weekly Message :


Once again I would like to remind all seekers of freedom and truth the fact that unreals can never be reals, as such, seeking real in unreals is absolutely futile and total waste of life on earth.
When all outward culture, craft, arts, science, shows and displays are accepted as nothing but dramas within drama, and certain hobbies which have nothing to do with spiritualism, but which withhold spiritual progress and enslave society in a false, endless dramatic world of no real value, when fewer of such hobbies can bring greater peace and satisfaction, what is the use of running after more and more of such wasteful and harmful follies?

... to be continued

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An Interactive talk on Quest for Happiness :




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